BTX Global Logistics; Shelton, Connecticut

Large companies are deciding against owning their own fleet and Dedicated Contract Carriage has a lot to do with it. With so many advantages, Dedicated Contract Carriage is one of the fastest growing segments in the Trucking Industry. Companies are weighing their options of having their own fleet, using an outside provider and instead are turning to DCC.

DCC is an opportunity for companies to own their fleet without all of the hassle and responsibility of owning a fleet. A third party provides these companies with fleet and takes over all operational involvement for the fleet including: the staff, maintenance, insurance, and operational costs. For a flat rate per mile every month, companies are saving money and time by using this segment.

The best candidates for this segment are companies that utilize fleet frequently. DCC allows companies to have their names on the trucks and the drivers in their uniforms therefore having trucks in their name carrying their product without any responsibility for the trucks. Companies, who want to focus more on their company than running a fleet, are also a perfect fit for this segment. This segment limits liability for companies and gives them peace of mind that everything is taken care of.